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Built With Divi: 5 Shining Websites and Software

Built with Divi websites and apps are doing excellently on the internet. To clear your doubts, we’ve identified 5 of the best based on design and purpose.

Seeing this title, you’ll begin to wonder, what’s unique about Divi that makes it deserving of a space on our blog? If you are one of the analytical minds, you’ll speedily check stats on built with Divi websites, and you’ll find out that there are over 2.5 million made with Divi websites out there. 

Why are we then interested in just 5 of the 2,505,672 websites built with Divi? 

What’s Now Unique about Divi

The answers to these compelling questions can be found in a survey by Elegant Themes. What we saw in the study actually triggered this blog post; a good number of web designers and even the end-users love Divi. Maybe because many find it easy to use or the speed of building a website using Divi, which according to the study, is around one month. 

In essence, what we intend to showcase is the unlimited possibilities that Divi offers. To achieve this, we searched far and wide to identify built with Divi websites making waves on the internet. Five might not be a good representative of 2.5 million quantitatively, but qualitatively, these fives are worth it. 

1. Bank Southern– Banking Portal Built With Divi

You read that right, but doubt will now begin to set it on how a bank will rely on Divi for a secure banking portal. 

Bank Southern does, and it does so beautifully and securely. This may be the only built with Divi bank website you’ll find, which makes it even unique. Being a bank on a mission as its tagline says, Bank Southern employs Divi as the entry point for banking services to its customers. 

The websites have all of the bells and whistles required of a banking portal. You’ll find the login button strategically sitting on the opening page, while the links to other resource page dot the right upper part of the website. 

Built with Divi Southern Bancorp

2. GeekPoint– A One Page Website. 

Does it make sense that a web design website will have just a single web page? 

How does a one-page website even work? A perfect example of how it does will be this web design website. Despite the limited space at its disposal, this built with Divi website has all of the elements needed by a functional website. 

On their single-page website, Geekpoint has all the required information and convictions to make any client sign the dotted lines. There is ample information on their previous works and trust us, their portfolio shows they know their onions. 

Built with Divi Geekpoint

3. Funk Engine Music– A Divi Way To Sell Music

Gone are the days of bands going on road trips for months, cutting off with their fan base. It’s 2020, and an online presence is required to stay in the minds and hearts of your audience. No, Facebook and Twitter are not enough; you need a website. 

How logical does it now seem to have a music website built with Divi? Oh! Isn’t a music website supposed to be beautiful to look at and easy to maintain? Then, you are describing Funk Engine Music. The website is another one-pager that is relied on to sell music. 

Built with Divi Funk Music Engine

4. Cura Brazil– Multipage Volunteer Website Built With Divi

Even non-profits are not left out of the rage of Divi. Looking through the Cura Brazil website, you’ll be moved as to how the site is used in achieving the goals of the volunteer organization. Building a website with Divi is not just about making a profit, but touching lives where it matters the most. 

Despite having a flat design, the website makes use of a good number of bright colors. A video was also well synced into the website when you scroll through the hero section. There’s also the donate button that is easy to locate. The combination of both flat design and bold colors makes Cura Brazil Unique.

Built with Divi Cura Brazil

5. Fat Map– Mobile App Website Built With Divi

A lot is going on within the mobile app industry currently, and using a Divi theme is one of the happenings. The website made our list because of the sophisticated nature and the amount of data it handles. It’s no jokes to process full-screen images along with 360-degree videos and 3D maps. 

All of these is done using a built with Divi website. You need to take a stroll to Fat Map to have an idea of the enormous tasks it processes. 

 Fat Map

Final Thoughts

With these five websites, your appreciation of the Divi platform must have increased. Kudos to the web designers for doing a great job with Divi. Next time anyone suggests building a website with Divi, go with the flow. The result will be excellent.