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A Web Developers New Year’s Resolutions For 2020

Since it’s the new year, you need to have resolutions as a web developer. We’ve identified five of these resolutions to start with.

Resolutions date back to the ancients’ Babylonian times, and you are not exempted from making one as a web designer. You are headed for a beautiful New year if you can stick to your resolutions. 

This is why we’ve come up with a guide that should help determine what your New Year resolutions should be for 2020. Basically, these are changes and development you should make to advance your web craft and design skills. 

1. Design or Re-design Your Own Website

It’s just normal for you to be caught up in the busyness of your client’s works. While caught up in the busyness of the client’s work, forgetting that you also have your own personal projects to attend to. 

If you’ve not touched your website in a while, make a resolution to design your own website this year. In case you don’t have a website, it’s time to put one in place. 

There’s a lot your personal website can do to give your web designing craft a push. Through your own website, you can showcase your ideas, skills, and talents. 

Most importantly, a well-designed website could be an avenue to take up new clients as they will be having a feel of your skill. In essence, a personal website gives credibility and legitimacy as a web designer. 

2. Get Organized

Not everyone can thrive in chaos, but a lot can be achieved in an organized space. While the year is still early, start by clearing your old files. Most importantly, clean your desktop and folders while the year is still new. 

Right from now, create folders for different segments of your design work. There should be a folder for links, bookkeeping, mockups, and others. This way, you can stay on track all year without having a chaotic desktop.

There’s a lot you can save in time by being organized. Without having to look too hard, you’ll find all that you need. No need digging through files. 

3. Learn Something New

Don’t live in the past as a web designer, update your knowledge base each passing day. This year, make it a habit to learn something new. For instance, you can start by learning about CSS Techniques for a start. 

If possible, create a challenge to learn something new every month. To achieve this, you may have to set aside two or three days every month to learn a new skill. It does not have to be something entirely new, it could be a challenging aspect of web development that has always been a headache. 

For instance, look through this list. If there’s any skill you cannot regard yourself as an expert, then start from there. 

  • Javascript/Jquery
  • CSS and Javascript Frameworks
  • CSS Preprocessing
  • Versional Control/GIT
  • Basic Graphic Design
  • Libraries and Framework
  • Back End and Databases
  • Browser Developer Tools

4. Less Coffee, More Plain Liquids

There’s a coffee-drinking web developer stereotype which you’ll need to do away from this new year. It may not be just coffee, but soda, tea, and energy drinks. 

Let’s say you always buy drinks to work, the best way to start is to buy one less every week. Then move to once in two days. If you are working from home, set a target to drink one cup less every day. 

Of course, coffee isn’t entirely wrong. However, it would be best if you looked for other means to keep yourself energized throughout the day. For example, you can wear a fitness tracker that makes you stand up every one hour to walk around, or even set up a reminder on your PC. 

During lunch, rather than sitting walk around the block or if your office has a gym, spend your lunch there. You’ll find yourself even more productive despite the coffee crunch. 

5. Take Up a Pro-Bono Work

This does not mean it’ll affect your income for the month or the year. This should not be a big website development work that takes up your whole week. It could even be a website development class in a high school near you. 

Let’s say you can help fix a bug on an NGO’s website or even help your writer friend create a writer’s website. Anything that will only require not more than 6 hours of your time in a month. 

This is a way of giving back to the society that has contributed to your career as a web developer. This could also open doors of more work for you in the future, you’ll not know until you do it. 

Final Thoughts

These five and more should guide your resolution as a web developer and webmaster this new year. 

However, the most important resolution is for you to be the best web developer you can be in 2020.