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7 Google Chrome Extensions For Web Developer and Designers

Aim to be an excellent web developer and designer? Check out these 7 Google Chrome Extensions; it’s the secret of top-notch developers.

Why are we talking about Google Chrome Extensions?

Let’s have a look at the numbers to know why; Google Chrome is arguably the most popular browser with over 5 billion installs.

Google Chrome controls 65.21% of the worldwide internet browser market

For web developers and designers, Google Chrome Webstore offers arrays of Google Chrome Extensions that increases productivity and aids workflow. From 10,000 in 2010, Google Chrome Extensions has grown to over 188,000 in 2019

All in the bid to make your life easier and boost your productivity as a web developer and designer, we’ve identified 7 Google Chrome Extensions for you. 

1. WhatFont

As a web developer and designer, you are always in need of identifying fonts on web pages. If you are looking for the means to identify fonts quickly, WhatFont is what you’ll need. 

Of course, there’s always the Webkit inspector and Firebug that you can use as a developer, none is as easy as WhatFont. It’s as easy as hovering the mouse over the text to know the font type used. 

It’s not just about the font, but also the services used in powering the fonts. 

WhatFont Google Chrome Extensions

2. RescueTime for Google Chrome

How do you spend your time as a web developer and designer? 

There’s a lot to get done daily, and this is the Google Chrome Extension to help you get more out of your time in front of the PC daily. With RescueTime, you’ll know what you are doing with your time on the PC, Smartphone, and Tablet. 

You won’t have to enter the time manually, it is fully automated. RescueTime works with all OS. 

RescueTime Google Chrome Extensions

3. Eye Dropper

An eye for colors is one of the core skills every web developer and designer should possess.

Are you color blind? Not to worry, Eye Dropper makes it easy to identify and pick colors from webpages. 

There are over 220,000 users of this Chrome Extension, and it’s one of the well-kept secrets of excellent web developers and designers. The extension works on both Google Chrome and Chromium. 

Eye Dropper isn’t just about web pages; it also works on Color Picker and even from your personal color history. 

Eye Dropper Google Chrome Extensions

4. Evernote Web Clipper

You don’t have to lose all the exciting content you see all over the internet every again. Evernote Web Clipper has come to your rescue. 

Whether it’s text, images, links, or even codes, you can keep it to use later. All it’ll take is a single click to clip any part of the webpage. 

Whatever it is that inspires you can be kept. You won’t have to keep a mental note when there’s Evernote. 

Evernote Web Clipper Google Chrome Extensions

5. Click and Clean

In the web development process, web developers need to clear browsing history and cache often, especially when using CSS and other frameworks.

If it isn’t refreshed and cleared, the results won’t take effect. 

However, this Google Chrome Extension has made it smoother for web developers to clean with just a single click. You’ll choose which one to clean and the ones to keep in the plugin data and cookies on any particular site. 

Click and Clean makes coding easier, and you’ll see the effect in a few clicks. 

Click and Clean Google Chrome Extensions

6. Search StackOverflow

Let’s add one Google Chrome Extension that aids personal development, and that’s Search StackOverflow.

As a web developer, whatever you need to know about web development, you’ll find it here. 

Search StackOverflow is a growing community that provides you with millions of resources on web development. There are always resources on CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, and many others. 

This Chrome Extension adds a search box to your browser for you to access whatever you’ll need. 

Whenever you are at a crossroad as a web developer in the middle of a gig, StackOverflow is where you should turn to.

StackOverflow Google Chrome Extensions

7. Google Analytics Opt-Out

As a web developer, you’ll also need the Google Analytics Opt-Out Chrome extension.

With the Google Chrome Extension downloaded, your data is kept out of use by Google and other affiliates. 

You’ll be visiting the same websites several times, and exempting yourself from the analytics will give you the actual status of your efforts

Google Analytics Opt-Out Google Chrome Extensions

Final Thoughts on Google Chrome Extensions

While there are dozens of Google Chrome Extensions being released every week, not much is directed at web developers and designers. 

This is why we’ve put together the Chrome Extensions that have proven to be most useful for your craft as a developer.