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6 Tools To Create HTML and XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are really underrated and overlooked. There’s a lot you are missing if your website is lacking a html and xml sitemaps.

I was helping a local digital marketing startup interview developers recently. Being an SEO aligned copywriter, I was more interested in the SEO knowledge of these devs. To me, it’s not enough to be a badass developer without a good understanding of SEO. Imagine, what’s the essence of having a responsive and fast website that has zero chances of being on SERPs. 

My approach was unheard of a copywriter; I asked these devs to audit the same website. Something stood out in all of their results, this website is lacking an XML sitemap. Trust me, none of them paid attention to solving this solution, but I do. Of the numerous coding problems they come up with, their task was to activate the XML sitemap from the CMS. This is going to be the judge of who I’ll be recommending. 

Just like these developers, many overlook HTML and XML sitemaps. They are oblivious to the importance of sitemaps. What an underrated aspect of SEO! 

html and xml sitemaps

From a layman perspective, HTML and XML sitemaps do three things, all of which are important; 

  • Boosting the SEO friendliness of websites. 
  • Creating a clear and understandable navigation path. 
  • Improving user experience through a better website structure. 

What many are unaware of is the simple nature of creating sitemaps. It’s not about being a developer or being able to code. Just find the right tools, and your sitemaps are ready, whether HTML or XML. Your search ends here anyways, with any of these 6 HTML and XML sitemap creators; 

1. Yoast SEO Plugin- Ideal Sitemap Creator For WordPress

WordPress enthusiasts and users are not strange to the immense possibilities offered by Yoast SEO Plugin. It’s not just about helping to put your blogs and articles in top shape for SEO, Yoast is an excellent sitemap creator. 

If you need a frequently updated sitemap for your websites, Yoast could be the answer. As far as a WordPress site is concerned, there’s no better tool for creating sitemaps. 

2. Drupal XML Sitemap- Best For Drupal Websites

Drupal was launched in 2020, and after two decades, the Drupal community has grown to over one million. Drupal is quite popular; even the White House has a drupal website from 2009 to 2017. 

Drupal XML Sitemap creator makes sitemaps on the go. However, despite the speed at which it can create sitemaps that meet up with requirements sets up by It does not end here, and it pushes your SEO efforts a step higher by submitting your websites to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and other search engines. 

3. Screaming Frog– Works For all CMS

The strength of the Screaming Frog is the multi-platform nature. Whether you are using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or Magento, Screaming Frog will help create the needed sitemaps. 

Screaming From is an XML sitemap creator that also submits your website to major search engines, and the impact is felt with immediate effect. 

4. SlickPlan- Visual Sitemap Creator

It made our list of HTML and XML sitemap creator due to the visual nature of this tool. There are numerous sitemap templates to choose from, whichever suits the structure of your website. 

Just drag and drop different pages into the template to structure your sitemap. Upon making the visual sitemap, you can export it into an XML file. This is a paid sitemap creator, but it has a trial plan that can be utilized to the fullest. 

5. G-Mapper 2.2 – Works With Major Search Engines

Looking for a sitemap generator that pings search engine immediately, you update your website’s sitemaps? G-Mapper 2.2 is the perfect one to use. Syncs easily with all of the major search engines. 

G-Mapper 2.2 is suitable for all CMS with a smooth learning curve, and it’s free!. 

6. XML-Sitemaps- Compatible with Google Search Console. 

Upon entering the URL of your website at XML-Sitemaps, your entire site will be crawled immediately. Upon crawling, the website will be indexed and ready to upload the XML sitemap file. This can be added to Google Search Console. 

Spare yourself the stress of writing any code with any of these HTML and XML Sitemap creators. With these tools, you’ve taken rocket science out of creating sitemaps.